Turned in. The vegetable truck driver was nowhere to be found.

Turned In the case of the Soviets

there’s been criticism of a truckload of vegetables that fell off the roof of the Tattoos,

near the front of the driver’s seat while the red light was on

causing the car on the side, as well as the spectators

to fear an accident because

apart from the fact that the truck was overloaded, the driver was still driving at a loss. As you’ve already suggested.

Turned Zocial crumbled-truckload of vegetables-closing in the middle of a red light show.

Last night, a 21-year-old senior senator, a 21-year-old driver, came to see a police officer

a paramedic, a paramedic, a paramedic, a paramedic, an interrogator, an old man, a taxi driver, and he said that he had hired a nearby car.

On his birthday, he brought vegetables to the market in Bangkok to be delivered to

the market by a hired driver and put vegetables in the car.So he took off

but since the grading was done, the weight shifted to the other side.The car shaft consisted of such a small hill.

When the engine went off, the front wheels were in a state of shock, and someone posted a video clip in Social, and then there was a lot of sharing.

The senator said there was no intention of getting near or causing any trouble to anyone

however, after hearing the news and returning from a vegetable delivery to Bangkok, they immediately went to the police.

On behalf of the D.O.S.A., the attorney-at-law, the chief of police said today that the driver of the said video was meeting with an investigator who, in his interrogation, confessed, but had no intention of making such a statement, compared the fine on the charge of reckless driving with a maximum fine of 1,000.Again.

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