There’s still 48 more COVID-19 infections from the market search.

more Pagebook, Pumphani Public Health Office, New Kovid-19 Status Report, J. Pumphani, February 15, 2564 New victims of forced labor, 48 Thai, 29 foreigners, and 19 foreign residents, resulting in an increase in patients confirmed at J. Pumphani, 2 Pumphani.

Patient 258-305 (case 215-262 of the new outbreak) comes from an aggressive operation on the marine and development markets.

According to data, J.P.P.T. had an attack search on February 15, 2564, 943 found 48 unidentified, 15,524 collected, 173 found.



Is there an outbreak?

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We’re still looking for Pumpkin. We’re looking for the chief.Forty-eight more Kovidpim bought from market research.

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