The truck, the security guard, was 24 meters late, the driver stopped

On February 4, 2564, a regional electric car accident truck out, an incident on the road into Mother’s Village, 8th Precinct, Pan-Pan Province.

Officers have entered the scene with an investigator, 100 major police officers, Kalim Yaga. The crime scene is the country highway, Motherfucker’s house, and it’s the only way to get out of here.Up the hill, and it’s about 24 meters deep by the bottom of the abyss, found a four-wheeled truck, which is a regional power utility vehicle, Pan-Pan, Pan-Western, license plate number 1725 orange, the car fell to the bottom of the abyss 24 meters deep.

The condition of the car, the front of the car, the check on the dead driver outside the car, the next name is, you’re a complete P.D., interrogate the workers who came along, tell them that before the accident, you were with the driver. Having driven a car like that, I was going to check out the power lines in the village, and when I got to the crime scene, it turned out that while the car was climbing up that hill, the engine was down.

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