The game-camp-professional school. Hey! Nightbury ordered the lockdown.

game-camp-professional Governor Nitbury has ordered six lockdowns to resume operation effective today (26th of June, 2564.X

According to the district of Tiberi, 28 of the district

orders have been issued to close down some of the areas in

the district.Dentbury’s been temporarily suspended

along with some temporary restraints to prevent the spread of the disease in the event of a Kovid-19 outbreak.

game-camp-professional In order to relax some of the places that can run some operations

and to make it easier for the people of the island,Economic activity and life-long operations until

the physical exercise or health care that can be used to prevent disease, combined with recent outbreaks

have not shown the place to be the source of the disease in the state of Detroit, but in any case.

Most recently, the Governor of the Township of Tiberi signed a decree 260/2564 on

behalf of the County of Tiberia.shut down a temporary facility (number 29)

so that six facilities can be operated or operated, subject to strict disease prevention measures.

Driving school, vocational school, sports school.

Boxing practice, gym, or boxing camp.

Game room.

Game store, Internet store.

The center of the temple, the shrine, and the shrine grounds.

Older care.

As for location, activities or other activities, and measures taken by the authorities

the public and the general public beyond that,continue to comply with the 36/2564 order to close the temporary facility on the 5th of June 2564

The reporter reported the number of patients Kovid-19 in

the County of Tiberia last night, 2564, no patients were found.The new grandmother, while 161 patients confirmed a new collection, searched 70 hospitals, 91 hospitals, 150 hospitals, 11 hospitals.

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