Surprised rescue, 18-year-old boy, found a snake in the bathroom.

Surprised boy found a cobra in the bathroom, searched the Internet for snakes, then he did it himself before using a snake-covered basket and called in a rescue.

The reporter reported that Vannie (3:00 p.m.) at 2:00 p.m. the Department of Homeland Security received a call from the villagers to help pick her up.A snake that was more than 1 meter long set sail to house number 24/24 in a village of 3 villages in Jangshilburi County, met an 18-year-old mayor who put a snake in a pink basket in front of the house and showed it to the bathroom where a snake was found.

Surprised to the coroner’s report, the owner’s son said that he himself was going to the bathroom, saw a cat crying and saw a snake on the floor.When the door was slammed shut, when it was open to capture, the pawnbroker closed the door and turned on the Internet, looking for a way to catch the snake, which was found to be a Siam venom, so he used the basket to cover the snake, and the call for rescue took him out.

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