“Pig Egg” earnings spike 50 baht per kilogram, 2,000 baht.

“Pig Egg” Reporters report that the villagers at Nung Nung Phu, the new J.C. Cheong, have been digging up dirt, looking for a wormhole, cooking eggs and selling them to the villagers, which, once a year, will produce only one egg during this period, making it difficult to find, at an expensive price of 2,000 kilos per kilogram per year, if you consider the price.

A 68-year-old gangster and Uncle Yutth, 63, two predators said the bugs would usually nest near the wormhole, their mother would be as small as the tip of a brown needle.It’s three or four meters deep.

After digging up the maggots’ eggs, they’ll take the eggs to the ground, pour them into the water, eggs lighter than the soil will float above the water, then pour some white cloth on the other floor, only white maggots.2,000 baht a Logrum to make the season’s best menu, both the lean lamb and the egg wrap.

“Pig Egg” earnings spike 50 baht per kilogram, 2,000 baht.

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