Open your heart, the owner of the tofu shop, the reason for not accepting $100,000.


The story of Open heart, from the suffering of the owner of the dog

after his beloved dog disappeared, to the search, and finally to a happy ending.

The story begins with Mr. Jin, owner of Chivawah, Lambo, the dog that looked like a glass of her own heart

who left it to his stepfather.

She announced her search for someone she would award 100,000 baht, and in the end, her luck was because someone raised Lambo for her while her sister was missing and returned it safely.

The kind person who owns an antique tofu shop, she’s kind enough to want to repay the owner of a tofu shop

but it turns out, “Wow!”The store refused to accept the money, so she asked for a dumpling for seven days, but the owner was afraid I’d have to cut it down to one day to make Mrs. Jin multiply her gratitude.

After this story was published on Mr. Jin’s Facebook page, Jan went straight to the owner of the tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-a-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai-i-tai-tai-tai-tai-tai

I told Open that on Tuesday, 26th, 2563 Lambo came running in front of the store because

the Lambo would have come out of Mr. Jin’s father’s car to pay for the water at the plumbing, which was about 300 meters apart, and then he rushed up to the house to pick up Lambo because he thought he was going to be a restaurant and didn’t want anyone to see him.

He told Jan that as soon as he saw a stray dog, he thought someone had to leave him, and nobody was around

a dog with a collar but no owner’s name, was afraid it was dangerous, so he cleaned himself up and went out to buy goat’s milk, and at first Lambo didn’t eat it, so he slowly fed it, and noticed that the dog was emasculating, probably because he missed Miss Jin, but he took care of it. take close care of

So Jan asked you why we decided to take care of him.

Your answer starts in Jan’s heart.

“We’re dog lovers, we think if we let him go and meet the bad guy, get hit by a car, we can’t leave him. Because a cute dog is good.”

Speaking of the compensation that Mr. Gin didn’t receive, Mr. Gin said, “It’s too much. We don’t know why we brought it. First he’ll bark at us for a month.

We told him too much. he’s been down for seven days. we told him too much. let’s cut him down for one day. he’s okay.

he’s still putting an envelope on the rim.In us

when we open it too much, 30,000 of us are shocked, we think it’s no big deal, we don’t want anything, we understand we love dogs, too. If he’s lost, we’ll take care of him.”

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