“Ock” Sad “Off” took power seven years ago, and there’s still only “skills” in the head.

“Ock” A real gold platter, Captain, son, skill, Captain, former prime minister, post-facebook to the Moon Osha case, minister and minister of defense, tell the press that Thailand changed from 2520 to 2520 and changed from agriculture to agriculture.

Besides, the prime minister is still talking to reporters after being asked about a haircut because he wants to look young, like a captain’s skill, a former prime minister who comes out to fight a fitness match, saying, “Can’t you say his name? He’s not in the country” with a text like this.



Is there an outbreak?

Update & News & &

Infection graphs as well.All of it’s over.

an opinion on the matter

Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

“Ock”  Conditions of participation.Hey!

Tolerable text. Distracted from him.Read it in public and send it up automatically.

The wobbert owners don’t like it anymore.Any text because it can’t be identified as true or the author’s name.It’s a real name. Readers.

It’s worth considering… (read the whole thing)[Cell phone rings]

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