“Fatherless Grandfather” Geghisya, famous in the bohemian country, peacefully serving.

The reporter was informed by a student, Geghisya Janetrow, or the renowned Priestess, the Grand Priest, the Vice-Partyr of Heaven, the former high priest, the 12th, 15th of August, the Heavenly Priest, the Priestesses, the Priestesses, the Priestesses, the Priestesses, the Priestesses, the Priestesses, the Great Priestesses, the Great.

You’re an evolution, Gulya. Or Heiting, 49, a close disciple said that the morning was reported by the monks in the temple that after he had regularly raided the temple, the disciple had led him into the crown, which he said was tired, so he leaned down before the altar table, and was shocked to see the priest. At 6:30 p.m., Siri was 81 years old, April 61.

Geghisya an opinion on the matter

Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

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