Car sales, Miss Queen Green, Mayor’s City, won the first prize for $12 million.

sales on February 16, 2564 at the Sheriff’s Department, the mayor’s office received a 31-year-old marauder, a corporate employee, and a sales consultant, Toyota Corporation, a sheriff’s office, and once nominated for a Queen’s degree.Al-Slaq eats government share, February 16th, 2564 number 424603 number 8 number 41 and the government share prize 16 February 2564 number 424603 number 8 number 424603. Forty-two in evidence, 12 million won.

You have a papal century, the first winner of the lottery said the day you bought that set of lottery tickets had a Miss Arenas Gold, who was a government-sponsored lotteryeer and had a house close by, a Post Facebook, a government-sponsored lottery, had 30 or more, but you chose a government-sponsored lottery that included two or three government-issues.Rhett.

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